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In a country of 1.4 billion people that performs a million scans per day, we have only about 12,000 radiologists available for reporting. In addition to an average of 10% error rate due to the human element, the challenges of having an incomplete or suboptimal radiology image results in slower and inaccurate reports being delivered. Although radiologists aim to work with whatever is at their disposal, several factors affect their ability to report scans accurately.

Experience Digital Transformation of Radiology with Prodigi

Prodigi enables radiologists to report anywhere and anytime via its AI-driven platform. It provides these specialists with tools and extensive capabilities, ensuring the highest quality of reports. Studies have shown that the error rate of individual radiologists’ reports can range from 5% to 15%, depending on the complexity of the case. Against this backdrop, Prodigi’s rigorous quality control triggers make its accuracy rates over 99%.

Bringing You the Gold Standard of Radiology Reporting

When a scan is uploaded onto the Prodigi platform, it goes through a multi-level quality control process whilst being reported in parallel. By incorporating rigorous quality control triggers using 6-Sigma methods, we ensure over 99% accuracy rates in our radiology reports. Our Inbound Quality Control (IQC) team ensures that the scans we receive are optimal, adequate, and complete for reporting, while the Outbound Quality Control (OQC) team tracks the accuracy, adequacy, and actionability of the report. Supported by world-class AI software, Prodigi strives to deliver high-accuracy reports in roughly 40 minutes.


6-Sigma quality control methods that leave no room for error


Radiologist reports containing clear impressions and advice for the consulting physician


1000+ standardized templates to ensure completeness in reporting

Top-notch radiologists
Top-notch radiologists
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The Future of Diagnostic Reporting is Here

Imagine a platform that takes the radiologists’ insights and experience, combines it with the best AI and automation tools out there, and packages it all in a simple and easy-to-use interface. This is what Prodigi is all about. It is the first-ever AI-powered platform that helps radiology professionals optimize their workflow from imaging to reporting.

The preferred choice of 25,000 diagnostic professionals
Delivering accurate, adequate, and actionable reports

Delivering Patient Delight in Diagnostic Fulfilment

Prodigi brings together the best diagnostic providers and aggregators from India’s healthcare industry to one platform. The unified platform enables healthcare aggregators to offer patients an array of diagnostic options on a single platform. Players from the patient, insurance, and surgery aggregation fronts can get their best pick of diagnostic establishments, allowing their patients price discovery and better accessibility.

Find diagnostic centers and schedule tests anytime anywhere.
Seamless app for diagnostic centers, patients, and patient management companies
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