5 Advantages of Leveraging Teleradiology Services


Medical practices are constantly evolving and improving, not just in terms of medication and treatment options but also in terms of hospital and medical facility procedures. These changes have the potential to bring about more revenue as well as better care for patients. One option many medical facilities are taking advantage of is partnering with an experienced teleradiology group since such a partnership can provide numerous benefits. 

Outsourcing radiology services provide accurate and timely interpretations of scans. These services are backed by the latest technology and are extremely professional. The practice of outsourcing radiology requirements had started with small requirements, but as time progressed, medical practices began outsourcing a bulk of their radiology requirements regardless of modality. This is because it has helped diagnostic establishments raise their high standards of patient care.

5 Advantages of Outsourcing Radiology Services

Fortune Business Insights predicts that the global teleradiology market will reach $65.21 billion by 2026, growing at a 23.8% CAGR. The primary reasons for this remarkable growth are:

1. 24/7/365 availability

By outsourcing radiology services, you can take advantage of 24/7/365 coverage. This includes night coverage, regardless of whether you are a hospital or diagnostic center. You can rely on teleradiology platforms around-the-clock for quality imaging and urgent interpretation services.

Reputable teleradiology companies have staffing flexibility to accommodate after-hours requirements. This can help you ensure that patient care is not compromised. In case of an emergency, you can expect a turnaround time of as fast as 15-30 minutes, even in the evening hours.

2. Up-to-date operation process

Teleradiology service providers have well-organized processes to meet turnaround time. For instance, the record-keeping process is meticulous and diligent; this provides a backup system in case of any medical emergencies. 

In addition, they also provide continuing education to their pool of radiologists, who must keep up with the latest technology and rules for correct interpretation. The radiologists are also tested for their upgraded skills.

3. Reliability on technologies like on-cloud smart PACS

A large teleradiology company depends on state-of-the-art technology to provide services. One such technology is cloud-based picture archiving and communication systems (PACS). This system offers unmatched efficiency and equips the practice with report availability at any time and on any device.

A further benefit of PACS is that it allows for the quick retrieval of images, along with interpretations and related data. This eliminates the usual time and physical hindrances associated with traditional image distribution. Further, PACS are well-equipped to handle images from different types of medical imaging tools such as MRI, CT and ultrasound.

4. Cost-effective service

Outsourcing radiology service is a cost-effective form of radiology that allows images to be transferred to and from a central location. This eliminates the need for expensive printing, packing and shipping of film. It also eliminates the need for on-site staffing, which can be extremely costly in some cases. 

The technology is ideal for clinics and hospitals that wish to outsource their radiology services, as well as private practitioners who do not wish to hire additional staff members.

5. Personalized reporting templates

A teleradiology outsourcing partner provides standardized, structured reports of radiology images that can be adjusted to fit your clinic’s workflow. These reports help to improve patient outcomes by providing a structured method to present radiology reports.

An experienced teleradiology service provider will offer you a wide range of reporting templates to choose from. They also assist you in developing a template customized to your needs, streamlining data capture and maximizing efficiency.

Experience high-quality Teleradiology Services with Prodigi

Prodigi is a leading teleradiology service platform. Our rapid expansion is due to our reputation for providing exceptional performance and high-quality results. We have the right resources and expertise to handle a variety of cases, including emergency reporting, regular and elective cases, and even sub-specialty diagnoses.

Teleradiology provides diagnostic centers, hospitals, and healthcare aggregators with several benefits.

To learn more about how it can benefit your practice, contact us at communication@5cnetwork.com.

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