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It all began with…

When Syed Ahmed, our co-founder was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm, the long waiting period made his friend and our CEO, Kalyan Sivasailam, very anxious. That is where a vision began.

Two years later, Syed and Kalyan went on to co-found 5C Network(now Prodigi.ai) with the aim to accomplish three things:

India’s vast geography – the cause of asymmetry in radiology delivery!

Less than 10 radiologists per million people in India
Acute shortage of radiologists in tier 2 and 3 cities and towns
Over 505 radiologists find opportunities in the top few cities of India
Over a million scans done in India every day

Reports are delayed or incorrect. Diagnostic centers are unable to find Radiologists. Conversely, radiologists in smaller markets are unable to find larger opportunities.


Over a million scans are done in India every day. With 15,000 active radiologists available, there is only 1 radiologist for every 94 cases. This has caused a huge challenge to healthcare delivery in the country, resulting in;

To address these challenges, our CEO has launched Mission Borderless Radiology that aims to eliminate the geographical redundancy and allows radiologists to report cases from anywhere in the world.

Become a Borderless Radiologist

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Borderless Radiology goes beyond ordinary teleradiology. Experience cutting edge AI, use world-class reporting templates, get exposed to reporting complex clinical cases