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Importance of Diagnostic in Healthcare Space

Diagnostics plays a vital role in the healthcare industry to improve the quality of medical care. It is an essential part of healthcare services as it helps in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, illnesses, or other conditions. The Indian diagnostics market holds immense potential and is projected to reach $20 billion by 2026. 

India’s diagnostic industry is severely limited by a substantial demand-supply gap in the number of patient footfalls as well as availability of equipment for scans at diagnostic establishments. This demand-supply gap leads to certain challenges that diagnostic sector is facing today;

From Hospitals

Most mid-sized hospitals choose not to own CT/MRI machines. So, what do they do when a patient needs one? Most commonly, they refer the patient to diagnostic centers to get the tests done, increasing the hospitals’ dependency on a handful of diagnostic centers. In addition, referring patients away from your hospital could mean you are losing out on revenue from procedures done at your facility.

From Diagnostic Centers

Diagnostic imaging centers across the country have been facing consistent issues with low patient trails and reduced imaging equipment utilization. Diagnostic centers also lack communication infrastructure throughout the patient journey, leading to inefficiencies and errors. Even today, they use tools like WhatsApp and SMS to communicate with patients, which leads to confusion and misunderstanding.

From Aggregators

As the healthcare industry places a growing focus on patient experience, more and more aggregator platforms are viewing healthcare as a service industry. It means that they are now tasked with delivering a seamless patient experience and providing their patients with quality diagnostic services—a challenge because many of these platforms find it difficult to fulfill both requirements.

Rising Opportunities for Collaborative Network of Diagnostic Establishments

The rapid growth of technology and its integration into our everyday lives has led to the development of new health care roles, as well as the evolution of established roles. In the healthcare field, these changes are particularly evident in the realm of clinical diagnostics—a process that relies on a combination of medical devices and laboratory testing to identify an ailment or disease state that may be present in a patient.

With this in mind, it is evident that the future of the diagnostic industry depends on its ability to adapt to a changing market and develop new methods for improving efficiency, report quality, and patient experience. One solution that can prove to be effective is the implementation of collaborative networks between multiple diagnostic establishments.

Prodigi: Delivering Astounding Patient Experience

Vast network of diagnostic establishments

With nationwide presence, Prodigi has networked the diagnostic establishments so that you can leverage the resources and choose diagnostic centers for your patients as per their needs. It also eliminates dependency on selected diagnostic centers, eventually increasing patient experience.

Price discovery

India has over 90,000 active diagnostic centers, which cater to a growing market for the diagnostic industry, such as scans and tests. In light of the increasing costs of these procedures, patients are searching for service providers that can support a price discovery process in their palms. Prodigi offers a transparent price discovery system that allows patients to discover the prices of their scan tests.

Single point of contact

Prodigi provides solutions that hospitals, diagnostic centers, and aggregators have been looking for to improve patient flow. Our platform takes patient information from all departments—including scheduling and billing — and creates a single point for all communication in one place. It makes the entire process more streamlined and efficient for patients, diagnostic establishments, and aggregators.
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