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In a country of 1.4 billion people that performs a million scans per day, we have only about 12,000 radiologists available for reporting. In addition to a significant 10-15% error rate due to human element, the challenges of having an incomplete or suboptimal radiology image results in slower and inaccurate reports being delivered. 

Although radiologists aim to work with whatever is at their disposal, several factors affect their ability to report scans accurately. Radiology relies heavily on imaging equipment such as x-ray machines, CT scanners and MRI machines. As with any complex piece of machinery, this equipment can be prone to failure or malfunctioning. The radiologist may report what they see on their screen, but if the images aren’t being produced properly, any subsequent interpretation is useless.

Prodigi: The Future of Digital Diagnostics is Here

Imagine a platform that takes the radiologists’ insights and experience, combines it with the best AI and automation tools out there and packages it all in a simple and easy-to-use interface. This is what Prodigi is all about. It is the first-ever AI-powered platform that helps radiology professionals optimize their workflow from imaging to reporting.

Prodigi enables radiologists to report anywhere and anytime via its AI-driven platform. It provides these specialists with tools and extensive capabilities, ensuring the highest quality of reports. Studies have shown that the error rate of individual radiologists’ reports can range from 5% to 15%, depending on the complexity of the case. Against this backdrop, Prodigi’s rigorous quality control triggers make its accuracy rates as high as 99%. Such performance has been made possible by integrating world-class advanced AI softwares into the Prodigi platform, ensuring that reporting radiologists have all the critical information they need at their fingertips, thereby reducing the scope of error in reporting.

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The Future of Digital Diagnostics

Cloud-based PACS
Streamlined workflow
AI-driven case allotment
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Explore the Most Powerful Digital Diagnostic Platform

With a network of over 400 highly competitive radiologists globally, Prodigi offers teleradiology reporting services for all types of modalities, generating over 1 million reports per year.

AI-Powered Reporting

Artificial intelligence is improving radiology reports by suggesting and providing additional details and more reliable information about a patient's condition. It provides doctors a clearer picture of their patients' conditions, which helps improve medical diagnoses and treatment.

1000+ Global Standard Reporting Templates

With over 1,000 reporting templates, Prodigi is designed to reduce TAT and streamline your practice, while offering the highest accuracy and quality in radiology reporting.

Multi-Device Usability

Prodigi is built to function across multiple devices, allowing hospitals and diagnostic centers access to their workflow anytime and from anywhere. Prodigi ensures that there is no compromise on the quality of access across different devices and that client sites have minimal or no downtime in case of a technical failure.

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Automated Case Assignment

Prodigi uses data analysis to automatically manage case allotment. It compares specialization with case complexity and availability of radiologists when needed. Then, the machine learning algorithm makes it possible to allocate cases in a timely manner while also taking into account radiologist preferences.

Dual Screen DICOM Viewer

Prodigi’s state-of-the-art DICOM viewer is designed to provide a unique experience with integrated dual screen visibility. Its intuitive interface and unrivaled performance eases the method of reporting. No software upgrade or hardware addition is required for its use.

Collaborate with Radiology Specialists

Prodigi simplifies the flow of information between the radiologist and referring physician for an accurate, actionable report. Our aim is to prevent misdiagnosis by allowing collaboration and optimized communication. These radiologists specialize in 250+ expertise, ensuring accurate and actionable reports.

6-Sigma Quality Control

The quality control process ensures that our reports are accurate and provide the necessary information to take the required action. To verify the accuracy of reports, Internal Quality Control (IQC) teams ensure complete, optimal, and adequate images for reporting, while the Outbound Quality Control (OQC) teams ensure accuracy, adequacy, and actionability of reports prior to release. 

24/7/365 Operations

Prodigi’s round-the-clock and round-the-year operations allows clients to access Prodigi’s services and customer/technical support anytime. Moreover, Prodigi has over 400 radiologists on its network, making it possible to report cases without compromising quality or TAT with minimal downtime.

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Standing for Prognosis Digital, Prodigi is the AI platform that forms the core of 5C Network’s offering that connects us with hospitals, diagnostic centers, and radiologists. From assigning cases to matching radiologists to building standardized templates and everything in between, PRODIGI is the way.

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