How Teleradiology is Prepared to Handle Critical Cases?


Road accidents are a leading cause of death in India. According to the latest data released by the National Crime Records Bureau, 1,55,622 deaths occurred due to road accidents in India in 2021. More than 60% of these accidents happen at night. These numbers could have been very less if timely diagnosis had been available to them. However, the casualties of road accidents do not get proper care as they occur at night or on weekends when there is an unavailability of physicians and radiologists to report a case.

How Teleradiology Caters to this Requirement?

When a patient arrives at a hospital under critical circumstances, such as accident and/or trauma, radiology is inevitable. In such situations, the timeliness and accuracy of radiology reports are essential factors in the path to prognosis so that the right course of action can be taken to prevent the loss of life. Considering most accidents happen during the  night, on-duty radiologists may be unavailable in most of the hospitals. In such cases, a physician who is not an expert radiologist reads a radiology report and starts treatment, which is not the most viable option. 

By using teleradiology services, hospitals can get access to timely and accurate reports even after regular working hours and on weekends or holidays. Teleradiology enables expert radiologists to offer their expertise irrespective of time and helps in saving lives.

Where does Prodigi Fit in?

Prodigi’s mission is to eliminate preventable mortality. When cases are given to large teleradiology service providers such as Prodigi, the reports are prioritized and delivered fast. We, at Prodigi also have a Trauma protocol that makes it possible to report emergency cases on priority. In addition, our platform has radiologists available on nighthawk. And, we have a 24/7/365 team working to ensure that cases are reported round-the-clock. 

Leverage high-quality Teleradiology Services with Prodigi

Prodigi is a leading diagnostic imaging services provider in India. The platform combines state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology with outstanding talent intending to provide patients with the highest level of care. Critical cases can be handled easily with our teleradiology services because of the ability to provide high-quality, accurate and speedy reports. 

To conclude, teleradiology is the most reliable method in handling critical cases because there are no delays in getting the diagnostic reports, as teleradiology platforms offer services round-the-clock. Teleradiology service providers like Prodigi deliver to you quality reports with multi-stage quality control processes to eliminate the chances of misdiagnosis. We have a network of 400+ radiologists from 58 locations across the world that serves 2000+ diagnostic establishments in 300+ locations across the country. Our strength lies in our deep understanding of the needs of the radiodiagnosis industry and our extensive network to deliver high-quality diagnostic reports at an affordable cost. 

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