Increase Patient Footfall At Your Diagnostic Center

Emergence of the Diagnostic Future

Diagnostics has become a vital component in healthcare delivery, from the discovery of illness to recovery and wellness. Diagnostic services are crucial to understanding patients’ complaints, providing treatment support, and tracking recovery over time. Therefore, there is an interest among all stakeholders in enhancing the availability, accuracy and affordability of diagnostic services–the primary among them being diagnostic centers.

Challenges for Diagnostics Establishments

Diagnostic centers are widespread throughout India, but many struggle to grow or remain profitable due in part to the large capital and operational costs associated with the business. For example, only around 10,000 diagnostic centers in India own CT/MRI equipment.

Diagnostic centers have had limited success partnering with individual aggregators or patient channels to drive patient traffic. The two prime reasons are:

Medical equipment such as MRI, EEG and CT scan are expensive investments for diagnostic centers. Due to inconsistent patient impressions at diagnostic centers, the equipment is not being used to its full capacity and diagnostic centers are not making the profit that they could be making by offering services to more patients.

Insufficient communication infrastructure throughout the patient journey. Even today, several players are using tools like WhatsApp and SMS to communicate with patients with ample room for error.

As a result, diagnostic establishments in India are unable to gain value from fast-growing business-to-business opportunities in the country’s healthcare sector. These include opportunities in insurance, e-pharmacy, surgery, and radiology aggregators.

Prodigi offers Diagnostic Ecosystem with a New Opportunity

Prodigi offers diagnostic centers a golden opportunity to position themselves as key players in their city by using a seamless technology-enabled patient inquiry and management system. 

Prodigi is a digital diagnostic delivery platform that has pioneered the arts and science of connecting the disparate dots in India’s diagnostic space. The platform has 2000+ diagnostic partners across 300 locations in India, serving clients led primarily in major cities with an urgent need for fulfillment on the supply side. With access to willing and capable diagnostic centers like yourself, Prodigi provides ease of access and patient journey management through its technology and network of centers for healthcare businesses.

Here are some of the benefits you gain when you partner with us:

Increased patient footprint

As the diagnostic industry's leading provider of connectivity, support, and overall patient satisfaction, Prodigi is a trusted platform in helping your diagnostic center achieve its full potential. By connecting with us, your diagnostic center will be able to increase its patient footprint, thereby increasing your revenue.

Higher utilization of your assets

By leveraging the power of Prodigi, diagnostic centers can make the most of their equipment to serve more patients. The equipment doesn't go to waste, and the diagnostic center earns more money from its services. We route a large number of patients to your diagnostic center from online and offline aggregators.

Single point of contact

The single point of contact approach to patient management improves healthcare outcomes by connecting all the needed information about each patient in one place and making it readily available to the diagnostic center.

Streamlined patient management

Prodigi allows diagnostic centers to manage and optimize their schedules. The platform offers a suite of features, including appointment scheduling, patient check-in & check-out, registration, and financial management, thereby enabling diagnostic centers to increase patient traffic by adding daily scheduled patient walk-ins.

Concierge for excellent patient experience

Having a patient experience manager in your health center can make a big difference in how you are perceived as a quality diagnostic center. Prodigi positions a patient experience manager at your center to ensure a seamless patient experience, guiding them from check-in to check-out.

Assured low credit cycle

Diagnostic centers get paid at shorter and regular intervals by connecting with Prodigi. They can earn 30% more revenue in a month with high equipment usage and patient footfall.

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