Comprehensive Teleradiology Solutions for Hospitals

Challenges of Diagnostic Delivery

The current situation in India’s healthcare sector is highly unorganized, where most of the diagnostic establishments do not have CT/MRI scanners. Analysis shows that less than 20% of hospitals have a CT/MRI scanner in cities. Furthermore, 70% of practicing radiologists are mostly clustered around the top metropolitan cities. As a result, X-ray reporting, which used to be a ubiquitous part of the modern hospital’s diagnostic repertoire, has now drastically reduced to only 10-20% of hospitals.

The Prodigi Advantage

Prodigi makes available a network of diagnostic labs that can provide hospitals with quick, complete, and optimal scans. Further, these scans are reported by Prodigi’s fast-growing network of 400+ radiologists. With an effective diagnostic mechanism in place, your hospital can become the preferred healthcare provider for your patients.

As a digital diagnostic delivery platform, Prodigi connects the dots in India’s diagnostic space by bringing together more than 2,000 diagnostic centers in 300+ locations throughout the country. These centers serve our clients primarily in major cities with an urgent need for diagnostic fulfillment. The network has been developed so that hospitals can benefit from the resources and availability of the network, minimizing their dependency on individual suppliers.

Experience End-to-End Teleradiology Service

Access to the largest network of diagnostic centers

Leverage single-point access to the largest network of diagnostic centers in India, along with state-of-the-art equipment and a broad range of tests, including nuclear imaging, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular testing, digital mammography, and PET/CT imaging.

Digital and secured transaction of patient information

To secure and protect patient records, digitizing them is important. Prodigi provides a secure, one-stop solution for medical record management. It allows users to access patient information from any location and enables secure data transfer.

Reduced patient churn

Prodigi helps you meet the expectations of today's demanding healthcare customers by providing a better patient experience, reducing patient churn, and improving overall revenue growth.

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